Seeking Fair Compensation After A Motor Vehicle Accident

How do you start rebuilding your life after a serious vehicle accident?

Getting medical attention for your injuries is a start. But depending on the type of injuries you have, there can be a lot of issues that need to be tackled and resolved — issues such as insurance coverage and possible compensation from the party that caused the accident.

At Libbey Law Offices, our attorneys have many years of experience in helping injured people pursue the compensation they need to move forward. Give us a call today to arrange a free consultation to discuss your specific case. Based in Anchorage, we serve clients in neighboring communities such as Wasilla and Palmer, as well as across Alaska.

What Type Of Accident Were You Involved In?

Our attorneys provide aggressive, dedicated representation to clients in a full range of motor vehicle accident cases. This includes:

  • Car accidents — The accident that injured you may have been a bike accident or pedestrian accident in the heart of Anchorage, or it may have happened out on the highway, in a remote area of Alaska. No matter what the scenario is, our attorneys have the skill and experience to assert your rights vigorously.
  • Drunk driving accidents — It isn't only criminal-level drunk driving that is a problem. Research shows that even a slight "buzz" can impair a driver enough to cause an accident. Our firm can help you hold the other driver accountable.
  • Distracted driving accidents — Texting, cellphone calls and other electronic device usage has caused carnage on the roads. We can guide you through the process of bringing a legal claim against the party who injured you.
  • Truck accidents — Commercial trucks are regulated by the government, but there are still far too many safety problems. Our lawyers can help you pursue rightful compensation after a crash occurs.

The main thing now is to take action and get a skilled lawyer on your side.

Get The Strong Legal Advocate You Need

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