It has been a long and arduous process to resolve this case and I just wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of your hard work. It did not go unnoticed and I give the office a 5 star review. Thank you and Dan for agreeing to take our case and working hard for our best interest. B is not real verbal, but as his spouse, I can tell you he will never forget what you have done for him and will always be grateful. I would highly recommend your office to anyone. ~ A.P. & B.P.

Colleen Libbey and Libbey Law Offices went beyond my expectations with settling my claims. From the moment they accepted my case to the last day of receiving my settlements, they continued looking out after my best interests. They were sympathetic to the injuries that have continued to plaque me on a daily basis and for the remainder of my life. They were able to collect the amounts allowed me to the fullest extent of the law and with that, it has made my life a bit less stressful. I truly believe that she and her team are the best in their fields and I can't thank them enough that they settled everything within a year of them taking my case. Again "Thank You" Colleen and your team for everything that you have done for me." ~ P.B.

I would like to thank Libbey Law firm and Staff for their utmost service. Libbey Law firm had the best of service that we could have asked for. Colleen and Dan, you're the Best and we are glad to have picked your firm to help us with my son's dog bite. The staff went above and beyond. Any documents, questions, or anything we asked for they were happy to help. I would highly recommend your firm to my friends and family. Again, thank you for everything you've done and your time. ~ C.I. and R.M.

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